Counseling centre

The cell organizes orientation programmes for students and also provides counseling facility to the needy in order to resolve day to day academic problems of the students during their course of study. This is a continuous process till the end of academic career of the student. During the last semester of study students are advised for higher studies along with proper career guidance. Reasonable numbers of students have secured admissions for their higher studies and they in turn guide their juniors for their prospective admissions. Goal :-

  • To monitor the students regularity & discipline
  • To enable the parents to know about the performance & regularity of their wards.
  • Improvement of teacher-student relationship
  • Counseling students for solving their problems and provide confidence to improve their quality of life.
  • Guiding students to choose right career path for job, higher studies, Entrepreneurship, etc.
  1. Dr. I.P. Abdussalam. Principal (Chairman)
  2. Najmal Babu. K.C. (Convener)
  3. Prof. Ayisha. M.T