Research and Publications

a) Objectives:

  • Promote and coordinate research in Arabic Language and Literature
  • Encourage faculty to conduct research in their respective fields thereby promoting better transaction of knowledge to the student community
  • Encourage and support student research projects.
  • Conduct Research methodology Workshops for students and faculty
  • Student paper presentation in College to be encouraged
  • Create a conducive environment in the campus to promote collaborative research among faculty and students from various departments.
  • Develop educational collaborations with Industry, other colleges, Universities and institutions of higher learning.
  • Create awareness among the students about conducting research that is original and authentic

b). Seminar and Workshop

Name of the Seminar /Workshop Date Year Programme
One day Workshop in Research Methodology 10.01.2019 2019 Download

c). Publications:

Darul Uloom Arabic College has published a number of publications that disseminate innovative ideas and creative writing of our teachers and students. Explore some of these items below.

This Publication is a short history of the Darul Uloom Arabic College. It explains the origin, growth and development of College, and its achievements and Contributions to the society and the community . This book discusses the role of Daurl Uloom Arabic College in the spread of Arabic language and literature in Kerala. This book was written by Abdussathar.V.K (Librarian, DUA College).

d). Research Works:

DUA College Teachers has done different research work to expose their innovative ideas and thoughts in Arabic Language and Literature

Name Title
Dr. Abdulla. K (Former Principal) The Islam Motif in the Novels of George Zaidan and Najeeb Keelani: A Comparison.
Dr. I.P. Abdussalam The Contribution of Orientalist’s to Arabic Literature: A Critical Study
Dr.V.P. Sahadudheen Saadi Youssef: An Iraqi Poet of Revolution for Humanism and Liberation
Dr. Moideenkutty Madathil Pedagogical Approaches and Strategies in the Quran and the Hadeeth: An Analytical Study
K.C. Najmulbabu The Theory and Praxis of Translating Arabic Novels into Malayalam and in reverse: A Critical Perspective on Selected texts (Doing)
Muhammed Basheer. C Social and Cultural Values in the works of Dr. Thaha Hussain and Vaikom Muhammed Basheer: Comparative Study