Various type of Scholarship/Free-ships available for financial help of the students in the college:


S. N. Name of the Scholarship .
1 Post Metric
2 Moulana Azad
3 Muslim Girls
4 Higher Education
5 State Merit
7 Lakshadweep
8 Fishermen
9 Endowments

Students can avail the following scholarship as per their eligibility

1.Government of India Scholarships

  1. National Merit Scholarships
  2. National Merit Scholarships to the children of school teacher.
  3. Scholarships for physically handicapped students.
  4. Scholarships to SC students.
  5. Post Metric Scholarship for minorities.
  6. Single Girl Scholarship.

2.Kerala Government Scholarships

  1. State Merit Scholarships
  2. Fisheries Scholarships
  3. Scholarships for Muslim and Nadar girl students.
  4. Scholarships to physically handicapped students.
  5. Fishermen Scholarship.
  6. Kerala State Suvarna Jubilee Merit Scholarship.
  7. Higher Education Scholarship.

3. Student Aid Fund.

4. Darul Uloom Arabic College, Vazhakkad . Merit-cum-means Scholarship.

5. Mechery Moin Kutty Haji Merit Scholorship