alBidayah Student’s Bank


alBidyah student's bank is an initiative by the students of Islamic finance of the college, the main aim is to empower students and bring sustainable development to the country through mobilize the fund from students to a common pool and use it for various programs and encourage the students to save their wealth for future purposes. alBidayah also focus to make aware the students about the banking processes especially Islamic banking to the society through the students, for that purpose the goals under alBidayah foundation includes conducting seminars, various expos, publish books, broadcast Islamic finance in India through various social medias like facebook, twitter, linkdin, youtube, instagram, vimeo and flickr. alBidayah provides various facilities like savings account, privileged savings account, loan, investment in sharia compliant project, cheque book, passbook, branch banking, web site, etc.

Our Vision

Accomplish a passionate commitment to the social obligations towards communities, fostering sustainable and integrated development, thus improving the standard of students towards education

Our Mission

To play the role of a facilitator for the benefit of the students without distinction of caste or community, sector, religion, class or creed, in the fields of community health, education and promotion of social and economic welfare and upliftment of the community in general.


 Empower the students into the modern financial world of opportunities

 Encourage entrepreneurship and self sufficiency

 Helping hand to those who face financial scarcity in students by the students

 Provide everyone access to funds

 Increase efficiency of students in manage risk

 Promote socio economics welfare in students

 Eradicate financial struggles in education field

Facility Provided

 Savings Account

 Privilaged Savings Account

 Loan

 Investment In Sharia Compliant Project

 Cheque Book

 Passbook

 Branch Banking

 Web Site