Darul Uloom Arabic College Library provides a reader-friendly environment and best learning experience. The built up area spans 252 Sq. Mtr. and comprises a reference section, stack area, reading area and a network resource centre. Library system is reviewed by the Library Advisory committee which recommends suggestions. The Library has a good collection of books(more than 9000), journals, periodicals and newspapers. The Reading area has a seating capacity of 30 and the Network resource centre facilitates. The Network resource centre with 5 computers which facilitate the students to download, scan and take printouts of the resources. Latest book additions are displayed in the reception of the library. Plug in facility for laptops with internet connectivity, Xerography facility, Media lab, Surveillance cameras and Barcoding scanners are also available. more...


There is a hostel for girls near to the college campus. Application for admission to the hostel will be accepted only from students who are admitted to the college. Admission and establishment fee Rs.1000 should be remitted by the student at the time of admission. This Hostel accommodates 45 students and has recreational facilities like TV Rooms, Prayer Halls and facilities for Sports and Games like Badminton etc. The hostel has visitors room, dining halls and kitchens with LPG facility. The college has availed UGC assistance for setting up the hostel facility.


The computer lab, located on the Ground floor of College Building, offers a variety of adjacent spaces and services to support teaching & learning needs related to computing and media services. The primary goals of the computer labs and classrooms is to provide assistance to students that will enhance their chances of succeeding in technology-based classroom assignments and to provide access to equipment that will support the needs of instruction where we celebrate life-long learning. The computer labs support the curriculum of the college and the assignments of the instructors. We encourage you to use these facilities with the help and guidance of your instructors.

The sophisticated, instructional computer labs with computers connected to the campus network are maintained by the Computer Instructor. Computer lab is equipped with UPS backup. Ubuntu is also using as an operating system used in all the computers. Kerala Govt. Approved DCA course and NSDC approved Data entry course conducted under this department.


A well furnished research room is available in our college to all research students for their educational research needs. Research study room is assigned to individual users for research and other scholarly activities that require extensive use of library materials. Research room is equipped with tables, chairs, and shelves for each research scholar . Ten computers with internet access are available in the research room. The research room are located on the first floor of the main block, near to library.

All Library rules and regulations apply to these room. No smoking, use of tobacco products, or consumption of food is allowed. At the end of the assigned period, the key issued for the study room must be returned promptly.


The large and spacious college auditorium is designed to accommodate 400 students comfortably. The auditorium is used for large gatherings and events like award ceremonies, inaugurations, assemblies, etc.


Smart Class rooms is a comprehensive strategy for digital education in the College. Darul Uloom Arabic College secured these facilities to support the students and teachers in the teaching and learning process. It helps both students and teachers to become the teaching and learning activities much easier and simple. Information Communication Technology (ICT) has the potential to transform the nature and process of teaching and learning environment. Interactivity, flexibility, and convenience in ICT supported environment enables both teachers and students to access and share ideas and information in diverse communication styles and format. We have ICT enabled teaching techniques in every possible manner and aspects. Most of the classrooms are equipped with smart boards to enhance ICT enabled teaching and learning and also equipped with LCD projectors.


College canteen functioning in the campus. It provides healthy and economic food for students on the campus and hostel inmates. Students are expected to exercise decency and decorum in the canteen.


The college has a fully fledged language lab comprising 14 high capacity systems with network facility having language developing software for enriching the Arabic and other language skills.


The college has maintained a unique modern ICT enabled culture along with necessary supporting facilities. The teaching faculties of the Institution are regularly engaged and use ICT to enhance the learning experience of the students.

All classrooms are well furnished with LCD TV, with Computer and Internet Connection, LCD projector Room and Seminar halls, audio system, and with internet through Wi-Fi connection. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled and is accessible to all students and faculty members. The seminar hall is equipped with multimedia facilities and Invited talks and webinars are conducted in the seminar hall.