Darul Uloom Arabic College has published a number of publications that disseminate innovative ideas and creative writing of our teachers and students. Explore some of these items below:


This Publication is a short history of the Darul Uloom Arabic College. It explains the origin, growth and development of College, and its achievements and Contributions to the society and the community . This book discusses the role of Daurl Uloom Arabic College in the spread of Arabic language and literature in Kerala. This book was written by Abdussathar.V.K (Librarian, DUA College).

2. ظلال

This is a collection of Arabic poems by Prof. MT Aisha in her collection of poems named as “Shadows“, we can find many artistic creations. Poet Aisha write different beautiful poetic images, a broad imagination and a graceful style. And all the poems of this book appropriately find internal music.