Research Department


The Arabic Department has a tradition as old as the College itself. The department has been running both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.  It is a recognized Research Centre under the University of Calicut and has been functioning as the Centre for advanced research in Arabic language and literature.  The faculty has been renowned for its activities in the area of comparative literature and linguistics. With professionally trained members on the staff, it provides ample scope for the students to get themselves exposed to translation, communicative and functional Arabic and software packages in Arabic.

The research department offers research such as the following areas:

Impact of Social, cultural, linguistic, political and religious factors influenced in Arabic literature.
Linguistics, Rhetoric and Prosody
Quranic and Hadeeth Literature.
Diaspora Literature
Indo Arabic Literature
Arabic Journalism
Cultural symbiosis between Southern and Central Asia
Trends and Movement in Arabic literature
Print, Visual and New Media Arabic
Translated literature studies


Dr. Abdul Salam IP [Principal & Research Supervisor)

Dr. Moideenkutty Madathil (Assistant Professor & Research Supervisor)


Works Scholar Guide

A study on Arabic Lexicography with a

special focus on Dr. Aimen Amin Abdul Ghani

and his work Al Mu’jamul kafi

Junais TP Dr. Abdul Salam IP

Socio political Aspects in the poetry of

Ahmed- A Critical Study

Rubeena UT Dr. Abdul Salam IP

Socio Political reflections in the works of

Yusuf Idris with special focus on

his short stories

Sainudheen KM Dr. Moideenkutty

Natural Perspectives in the poems of

Adeeb Kamal Ad Deen

Dr. Moideenkutty