Afzal-ul-Ulama Preliminary

Afzal-ul-Ulama Preliminary



Afzal-ul-Ulama Preliminary aims to impart the basics of interpersonal interaction both in Arabic & English, and train the students to communicate in Arabic in selected situations.

The duration of Afzal–ul–Ulama Preliminary course shall be two years

Candidates for the Afzal-ul-Ulama Preliminary course examination shall be required to have passed or acquired eligibility for higher studies in SSLC examination or any other examination recognized by the university as equivalent thereto.

The criteria for selection of students to the course and regulations regarding the reservation of the seats shall be as per the rules framed by the Government / University from time to time.


[1] Evaluation (both internal and external) is carried out using mark system. The grade on the basis of total internal and external marks will be indicated for each paper, for each part, each year and for the entire course.
[2] Indirect Grading System in 10 point scale is as below:


Percentage of Marks Letter Grade Performance Grade Point Class
95 and above O Outstanding 10 First Class with Distinction
85 - 94 A+ Excellent 9
75 - 84 A Very good 8
65 - 74 B+ Good 7 First Class
55 - 64 B Satisfactory 6
45 - 54 C Average 5 Second Class
35 - 44 P Pass 4 Third Class
Below 35 F Failure 0 Fail
Incomplete F Failure 0 Fail
Absent Ab Absent 0 Fail


The detailed scheme and syllabus for each course shall be framed by the Board of Studies concerned and approved by the faculties concerned and Academic Council, University of Calicut based on this Common Regulation.